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Why Presence?

The freedom to do more of what you love

We’re looking for passionate, creative, and innovative clinicians to join our mission. Here’s what we have to offer you.

Our vision

We work to ensure no child lacks the therapy services they need

Presence provides the tools, network, and support to empower everyone who serves children with diverse needs, no matter where they are.

Do what you love

Our award-winning therapy platform features thousands of interactive resources and digital tools to simplify scheduling, documentation, and more, so you can focus on doing what matters most—engaging students.

Teenage student working on her laptop in the classroom

Work on your own terms

As the leading provider of online therapy and evaluation services in K-12 schools, Presence offers more income opportunities and the freedom to work where and when you want.

Therapist working on her laptop in her office and wearing headphones
Sylvia Freire
The Presence Lounge is a really good community. When I have questions about a particular student’s needs, or about working in a new state, I can ask my questions there. The Provider Care Network makes you more knowledgeable. You know that someone is always there to respond to your questions with creative ideas.

Sylvia Freire
Speech-Language Pathologist

Discover a new way to work

Hear what our clinicians have to say about their experience as a part of the Presence network.

Our values

We’re committed to building a company, culture, and community with integrity

Speech-Language Pathologists

ASHA-Certified CCC

Full-Time, Salaried SLP Position

ASHA-Certified CCC

School Psychologists

Social Workers

Occupational Therapists


Licensed Professional Counselor

Looking for a different opportunity? Explore other careers at Presence

Frequently asked questions

How does online therapy work?

Presence clinicians work with students and their support team—teachers, paraprofessionals or classroom aides, interventionists, school psychologists, parents, and other caregivers—via live video conferencing using the same techniques as traditional onsite services.

Our modern therapy platform was designed specifically to deliver online therapy services. It includes integrated audio and video for high fidelity, live interactions; provides clinicians with access to a large online library of therapy activities; and features scheduling and progress monitoring tools.

What licenses, credentials, and experience do I need?

To provide services online, you must be licensed in the state where you provide services (where the students/clients reside).

National certifications help Presence ensure that we partner with highly qualified clinicians to deliver the best possible services to our students. Speech-language pathologists must have their ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC), and occupational therapists must have their NBCOT Certification. For school psychologists, NCSP certification is preferred, but not required.

Depending on the state where you provide services, there may also be additional required certifications/licenses which are obtained through the state’s Department of Education.

What support does Presence offer clinicians?

New clinicians are taught how to use the tools in our platform through an online comprehensive orientation called Telehealth Institute. You also have the opportunity to network with other Speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, social workers, and school psychologists so you can practice online therapy techniques and become familiar with the therapy tools available through the platform. You can tap into the knowledge and experience of our active, online community of nearly 2,200+ clinicians—whenever you need it.

How do remote clinicians communicate with teachers, parents, and district staff?

We encourage close collaboration between online clinicians, teachers, resources professionals, administrators, and parents. Clinicians participate in all meetings of the IEP team via phone or videoconferencing.

What hours can I work?

As the leading provider of online therapy and evaluation services in K-12 schools, we partner with thousands of schools and can offer flexible scheduling options. Presence teletherapy opportunities are typically scheduled during the traditional school day hours of 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. We have found that many clinicians in our network acquire additional licenses to work outside of their state of residence (and time zone) in order to make themselves available for additional placement opportunities.

Can I still work another job while working with Presence?

If you are an independent contractor in our network, you are free to have another job. Many of our clinicians work part-time serving private clients while working with Presence.